One of Claver’s physical attractions is its celebration of Sirong-Sirong dance Festival. The Sirong-Sirong dance is performed by Clavernons in honor of its patron saint, giving gratitude  for all the bountiful blessings especially the good harvest among its local farmers. The dance is being dance done under the scorching heat of the sun, as a way of sacrifice and thanksgiving. The dances. The music. The stories. All for its unique history, traditions and customs found in each barangay and showcase the talents and skills of Clavernons in terms of ingenuity, adherence and creativity.

Yet, Claver is more than just a place of rituals but also a jump off point for an array of off-road and water adventures such as night watching, hill climbing, boating , cliff diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, fishing and sightseeing of its industrial tourism that only Claver, in the entire region can offer. Definitely, it is a land filled with incredible natural beauty, white sand beaches, breathtaking waterfalls , secret sanctuaries, and lot landscapes which offer resort to those who seek refuge from the cage of city life.

To name a few is an islet called Kabujuan, one of the popular island hideaways known for its laid back ambiance with white sand and beautiful turquoise waters perfect for swimming.

Not too far from Kabujuan is another perfect adventure destination named Lambason Islet, where hidden saltwater cliff for a diving experience awaits you. Its serene beauty is astonishing as it is also a nice place to snorkel, swim and dive.

Fresh waterscapes can also be found  in this municipality.  Busong-busong Falls of Brgy. Wangke offers a
riverside adventure taking you where the hidden beauty is located. Bugsukan and Togonan Falls are both found in Brgy. Cabugo where it requires you for longer walks however will bring you to an amazing site of inviting waters  urging you to take a splash. With Claver’s naturally endowed nature attractions, one will keep coming back  and experience  the many nature’s abundance of Claver.

One can absolutely be marooned on short or long vacations in Claver. The natural attractions are unspoiled. The scenes are irresistible. A pristine paradise partnered with industrial tourism is the most fitting description of this municipality.

Visit. Discover. Explore. Come back. Fall in love. Stay. Work. Enjoy the possibilities Claver has to offer. Live with fresh beginnings and happy endings. It is a place that has captured the heart of every Clavernon. Garbo nan Clavernon!