• General Information

Barangay                             :               Urbiztondo

Municipality                       :               Claver

Province                              :               Surigao del Norte

Region                                  :               Caraga-13

Legal Basis                           :               SB/SP Resolution  and Executive Order

Date of Ratification         :               May 1924

Mother Barangay/s         :               Claver

Old Name                            :               Hamoyawon

  • Type of Barangay :               Barangay Urbiztondo is classified as a Rural Barangay

1.1.3      Location, Accessibility, Boundaries and Distance

Barangay Urbiztondo, Claver, Surigao del Norte is located in a ridge spurring out of the Diwata Mountain Range. This ridge is actually just out into the coastal area fronting the Hinatuan Passage or Candos Bay.

It is about 65 kilometers (kms) southeast of Surigao City and can be reached through the well paved Pan Philippine Highway up to Bad-as , Placer and eventually through the party cemented and Macaban-paved coastal road leading to Tandag in Surigao del Sur passing through the site. From Manila, available airlines are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific that fly daily to Surigao City. Other route can be also accessed daily from Manila-Butuan via Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Other flights originate from Cebu and may be taken on connecting flights. If water transfort is opted, there are inter-island passenger or cargo vessels making daily calls at the Port of Surigao City from Cebu City.

It is bounded by the following technical description:

Corner                  Latitude(N)         Longitude(E)

     1                         9deg30min          125deg46min

     2                         9deg33min          125deg46min

     3                         9deg33min          125deg47min

     4                         9deg30min          125deg47min     Source: Local Socio-Economic Profile 2015


                North    :              Pacific Ocean

                East        :               Bucas Grande Island

                West     :               Brgy. Cabugo

                Soutg    :               Brgy. Taganito

Distance from the Barangay to:

                Municipal Hall                    :               10 kms

                Provincial Capitol              :               69 kms

                National Highway             :               0- Along National Highway

  • Total Land Area

Barangay Urbiztondo has total land area of 5,481.741 hectares. It does not have unique historical, archeological and geological sites to be preserved but very ideal for mining business. In fact, part of its land has a mining claim area within Parcel of Surigao Mineral Reservation.

Terrestial flora is not so diverse in the remaining ultramafic areas within the barangay. It is dominated with agsam and cogon grasses with some patches of “bugang”, kiti-kiti and malasulasi along the slopes with mostly less than 0.5 cm dbh.

Abundance of plant species varies in their location and elevation. Density and diversity of plant species are concentrated on gullies and along seasonal creeks. On the other ridge on the western par t of the topographic divide of the mining claim is covered with coconut and other agricultural crops owned by local farmers.

  • Land Form and Soil Type

The land form and slope classification of the barangay is dominated by a mountainous form with an estimated of 50%. Land for slope classification is valley and hilly with  about 35%. Plain and flatland areas are approximately 15%.

The area’s topography is generally gentle slopes. The soil in the municipality is basically Kabatohan Clay, comprising 40% of the area and Sapa Clay Loam with 40% and 20% of the remaining areas belong to other types of soil. Kabatohan clay loam is a lateritic soil which is dark reddish brown to dark red in color, well drained and composed of clay loam developed from serpentinitic or ultra basic rocks.

  • Distibution of Land by Use/Land Classification

The Municipal Land Usage of Claver, based on the Municipal Planning  and Development Office, is devoted to industrial areas with 5,447 hectares. 5,222 hectares is classified as second growth forest and only 1,470 hectares categorized as the remaining old forest. Brushlands and grasslands have a total area of 3,557 hectares. 1,627 hectares for rice land. Land for integrated social forestry  has a total area of 314 hectares. 310 hectares denominated as mossy forest and 236  hectares for mangrove forest. Only 215 hectares are classified for built-up areas.

The existing land use of Brgy. Urbiztondo is 53.2% classified as Forest Land of the total barangay area. Mineral land is reduced to 33.73% after the conversion of some areas through a proclamation intended for Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. Only 12.71% or 232 hectares remains to be agricultural land and 19.735 hectares for built up area.

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