2. Legal Basis : SB/SP Resolution and Executive Order No. 126
  3. Date of Ratification : No available data
  4. Mother Barangay/s : Claver
  5. Old Name, if renamed : Sitio Jayanggabon
  6. Type of Barangay : Hayanggabon is classified as Rural Barangay
  7. Location, Accessibility, Boundaries and Distance

Barangay Hayanggabon, Claver, Surigao del Norte is located in a ridge spurring out of the Diwata Mountain Range. This ridge is actually just out into the coastal area  fronting the Hinatuan Passage or Candos Bay. Its area stretches from Barangay Taganito to Barangay Cagdianao.

It is about 75 kms southeast of Surigao City and is accessible by means of the RP-Japan Highway (also known as the Surigao-Davao Pacific Rim)  up to Bad-as, Placer and then by the coastal National Highway  leading to Surigao del Sur. It takes about one hour and thirty minutes by jeep or by bus.

From Manila, available airlines are Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific that fly daily to Surigao City. Other route can also be accessed daily  from Manila-Butuan via Philippine Airlines  and Cebu Pacific. Other flights originate from Cebu and may be taken if coming from the places on connecting flights. If water transport  is opted. There are inter-island passenger or cargo vessels making daily calls at the port of Surigao City.


                                North    :               Sea

                                East        :               Barangay Cagdianao

                                West     :               Barangay Taganito

                                South    :               Red Mountain

Distance from the Barangay to:

                                Municipal Hall    :               14 kms

                                Provincial  Capitol:           75 kms

                National Highway:           0 – Along National Highway

  1. Total Land Area

Barangay Hayanggabon has a total land area of 4,454.00 hectares. It does not have unique historic, archeological and geological sites to be preserved but is very ideal for mining businesses. In fact, more than 60% of its land area is classified as mineral land and has a mining claim area or covered by the Mineral Production Sharing Agreement of Taganito Mining Corporation within Parcel 1 of Surigao Mineral Reservations.

Terrestial flora is not so diverse in the remaining ultramafic areas within the project area. It is dominated with agsam and cogon  grasses with some patches of bugang, kiti-kiti and malasulasi along the slopes mostly less than 0.5 cm dbh.

Abundance of plant species varies on their location and elevation. Density and diversity of plant species are concentrated on limestone area and some extents of vegetation are concentrated on gullies and along seasonal creeks.

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