History reveals that the place used to be under the Town of Gigaquit. The place is swampy where houses were constructed in a little day land. When claver was created into a town on September 13, 1955, the place became the Poblacion Barangay named Poblacion West with Mr. Telesforo Villegas as the first Teniente del Barrio.

In 1980, Claver elected its Municipal Officials headed by Hon. Andres L. Navallo Sr. The council passed Municipal Resolution No.59 changing the name of Poblacion West into Brgy. Bagakay.

The name “Bagakay” come from bamboo species that is usually used by the local residents, especially the indigenous people (lumad), who live along with the civilized people. The lumads during their era, used bamboo locally known as “bagakay” as their weapon in catching their food such as fish by way of “pana”. Bamboos are also used as housing materials particularly in making nipa shingles. Since then, the place was called BAGAKAY.


The legal basis for the creation of Barangay Bagakay is originally based on Executive Order No. 126 creating the Municipality of Claver in the Province of Surigao del Norte which was done on September 13, 1955. Consequently, official record also shows that the separation of Poblacion East and West Barangays was initiated during the time of Former President  Ferdinand E. Marcos by virtue of Presidential Decree No.59 series  of 1973 through the recommendation of the Municipal Officials headed by Former Mayor Andres L. Navallo Sr., through Municipal Resolution No.59, POblacion West was changed to Brgy, Bagakay.



  1. Creation/Historical Background

Legal Basis           :               Municipal Resolution No.59

Date of Ratification:        December 22, 1980

Mother Barangay/s:       Claver

Old Name            :               Poblacion West

  1. Type of Barangay: Bagakay is classified as a Rural Barangay
  2. Location, Accessibility, Boundaries and Distance

Brgy. Bagaky, Claver, Surigao del Norte is located in the western part  of the Poblacion of Claver adjoining  Brgy. Tayaga. It is near the ridge spurring out northwest of the Diwata Mountain Range. This ridge is actually just out into the coastal area fronting the Hinatuan Passage or Candos Bay. Its area stretches closely from 3 barangays namely: Magallanes, Ladgaron and Tayaga.

It is about 200 meters away from the Municipal Hall of Claver and 60 kilometers southeast of Surigao City and is accessible by means of the RP-Japan Highway (also known as the Surigao-Davao Pacific Rim – SUDOPARIM) up to Bad-as and then by coastal national highway leading to Surigao del Sur. It takes about one hour by jeep or by bus from Surigao City, which is the nearest city.

From Manila, available airlines are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific that fly daily to Surigao City. Other route can be also accessed daily from Manila-Butuan via Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Other flights originate from Cebu and may be taken if coming from the place or on connecting flights. If water transport is opted, there are inter-island passenger or cargo vessels making daily calls at the Port of Surigao City with destination  to Cebu City and twice a week for Manila. Buses in going land from Manila are also available in a daily basis.


North    :               Sea

East        :               Barangay Tayaga

West     :               Barangay Magallanes

South    :               Barangay Ladgaron

            Distance from the Barangay to :

                                Municipal Hall    :               200 meters

                                Provincial Capitol:            60 kms

                                National Highway:           Along National Highway going to Tandag

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