In coordination with the National Celebration of the Disaster Resilience Month, the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Engr. Jonathan R. Go Jr. and his staff conduct a Basic Life Support Training through BFP (FO1 Romie June A. Presilda) and Taganito Mining Corporation Emergency Rescue Team (Charlo P. Galing, Genan L. ALvarez, and Jose Jovel Nasayao)

The 4 days training benefit the constituents of 14 Barangays in the Municipality of Claver by sending 2 representatives from their individual offices to acquire and amplify knowledge in their respective places.

Marked by the enhanced performances of the MDRRM Personnel of the recently experienced disaster, the Local Government Unit of Claver led by Mayor Eddie P. Gokiangkee and the Sangguniang Bayan Members headed by Vice Mayor Narlito G. Jamesula expressed their contentment and bear the weight of the shared responsibilities for these enhancements will improve the public service experience respectively.

Photos: Omping Samontina

By: LGU Claver Media