A globally competitive industrial zone complemented with viable tourism and sustainable agri-fishery economics, ushered by well-designed and balance infrastructure through dynamic leadership and good governance, sustained by empowered, resilient and happy people living in a peaceful and safe environment.

To bring the desired progress through strong participation of constituents complemented with coordinated efforts of stakeholders.

Hon. Eddie P. Gokiangkee

Hon. Eddie P. Gokiangkee

Municipal Mayor

“Claver, the Mining Capital of the Caraga, that aspires to become a happy place for its people, is at the crossroads. The fastest growing municipality in Northern Mindanao, it faces the internal challenge of maintaining high level of human development even as its population is projected to double within the next two decades. Externally, it must, as has been over the last 20 years, continue to outdo itself and rise above limitations and constraints to build a livable and competitive townwhich can stand alongside other urban centers in the Asia-Pacific region. In the face of these challenges, it can opt to take the path of least resistance and approach urban governance with a business-as-usual attitude. Or, it can be a little more ambitious, dream a little bigger and come up with a more audacious plan that will position Claveras the Philippines’ best town that not only does things right, but also does them well”.